Our stories


    The story of a raw linen thread that becomes a shawl, saved from waste, kept for years and finally dyed and woven with a hand loom, until it becomes a precious and unique fabric, strong and very light, made with passion according to tradition, but with a careful look to the future.


    A new path to follow in our laboratory, a magical intertwining between CREATIVITY and CHROMOTHERAPY. We will meet and let ourselves be influenced by RED, GREEN and BLUE, to create the BEAUTIFUL THINGS that only harmony seekers can do!

  • MAGAZINE ARTICLE "Case e Arte di Vivere in CAMPAGNA"

    CAMPAGNA magazine, houses and art of living, has dedicated a long interview to us that we are proud to share with you.

  • Saint Valentine

    The story that tells how the Lovers' Day was born begins in Rome a long, long time ago...

  • The Ginkgo

    Let's talk about flowers, trees, fruits... of small masterpieces of Nature that we love to take as an example to tell about our creations.

  • MANI VIVE, the travel and the destination

    Our emotional and artistic journey ended with pride and ... a few twinkles in the eyes.

    "Mani-vive" have become the HANDS of each participant in the project, as was our desire from the very first steps of the path.

  • MANI VIVE let's go

    Our ROUTE has begun and the first two stages completed.

    We left by entering into the wood, our "dark forest", each following a path without knowing either the path or the destination. As we walked we began to look around us overcoming fear, each for itself. Then we all arrived together, although coming from different paths, to the same clearing, there we found the first indications and, after sharing the new skills, we started back in pairs towards the third stage...

  • The most beautiful day ... INSPIRATIONS

    Lightness, grace and poetry... romantic and refined inspirations to make the most beautiful day of every woman even more special.

  • Dear Teacher...

    A gift at the end of the school year to the SPECIAL PEOPLE who have been close to our children and youth with their fundamental support and priceless humanity.

    Thank you TEACHERS, PROFESSORS, see you next year...

  • BEING V-HAND, or how to dress an idea (second part)

    Seeing our project starting to take shape, strongly believing that the message we want to express will be visually impactful and recognizable to everyone. The story of our installation continues in this second part.

  • BE V-HAND or "How to DRESS an idea"

    The female dress, for centuries, has been a metaphor for a judgment that considers SHAPE as SUBSTANCE, a stereotype that leads to the definition "Woman-Form-Object", indifferent to the intrinsic nature of each one.

  • Story of MOTHERS and DAUGHTERS

    The first memory I have of my mom are her hands. Skilled hands to which nothing was precluded, from the care of the land to that of the animals, fr...
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