The Ginkgo

We love flowers, trees, those little masterpieces of creation which are called leaves, fruits, petals, buds, seeds.

We love everything that belongs to the plant world because perhaps some mystery of life is contained in it, or because plants relax, connect us with ourselves, calm tensions and give beauty.

Plants pay homage to the meaning they have collected over the centuries, depending on the peoples and cultures within which they grew.

We have respectfully "stolen" some of these symbols and transferred them to our artifacts, especially bijoux, so that they could communicate their messages and reveal something about the personality of those who choose to wear them.

The Ginkgo

It's said that, after the devastation caused by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the only sign of life was given by a small sprout that miraculously blossomed right where a Ginkgo tree had been destroyed.

For this reason, in Japan, this horror survivor is considered not only an emblem of the nation, but also a veritable monument to life, planted next to the temples of Buddhist monks in their protection.

It comes from a very ancient past, over 250 million years old, and is extraordinarily long-lived, capable of reaching a thousand years of life!

The word Ginkgo derives from the Japanese Ginkyo and means silver apricot, while "biloba" comes from the Latin and means "two lobes", referring to the shape of the leaf which has two flaps.

In this regard, there are those who, due to the characteristic shape of the leaves, share this leaf with the brain, which is also composed of two lobes, while others, for the same reason, see the heart.

What is certain is that the symbolic meaning of Ginkgo in the oriental tradition is that of the coincidence between opposites, so we like to believe that it is Head and Heart together, union and balance between the different and often divergent parts of us.

Considered by traditional Chinese medicine to be a panacea for heart and lung health, its beneficial properties are now officially proven.

Rich in antioxidant substances, it improves blood circulation, promotes concentration and memory, prevents physical and cerebral aging.

Moreover, for its ancient history and for the resistance demonstrated, it is a symbol of Rebirth, Hope, optimism towards Life.

What if he really had magical powers?

You will have understood why we are fascinated by this plant, because we have chosen it as a vehicle to communicate all the extraordinary symbolism it contains.

The beauty of Nature can be transferred, through the care of a tree such as Ginkgo or through a small object that represents it, such as a ring or a pendant, even in life.

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