BE V-HAND or "How to DRESS an idea"

The female dress, for centuries, has been a metaphor for a judgment that considers SHAPE as SUBSTANCE, a stereotype that leads to the definition "Woman-Form-Object", indifferent to the intrinsic nature of each one.

However, this unacceptable unit of measurement is countered by a more powerful ENERGY which is the AWARENESS of being unique and unrepeatable.

The dress that represents prejudice is transformed until it becomes an expression of that FREEDOM that can flourish in a thousand different ways, as different and unique are women.

It has been a long time since we felt the desire to represent this two-faced concept of the female dress, in its negative declination of PRISON and in the saving one of FREEDOM.

The project, which will be revealed to you little by little, involved the whole laboratory, enriching itself with the external collaboration of the artisan friend Gloria, of the "Emozioni" Atelier.

The study and preparation work was long and painstaking.

Nothing has been left to chance and every little detail has been designed to best render the message we want to communicate from a stylistic point of view, but above all an emotional and evocative one.

Starting from hand-drawn sketches, we have recovered traditional craftsmanship techniques to express and implement a modern and always current concept.

The elements that adorn the clothes have been obtained from scraps of fabrics from our laboratory.

The shapes of the petals and leaves were first drawn on cardboard, then cut out, modeled patiently with the fire that made the edges wavy and supple, sewn together and assembled one by one.

If you are sensitive to the subject, interested in our craftsmanship and curious to see the result, we are waiting for you with the continuation of the story of this symbolic and evocative artistic set-up.

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