The most beautiful day ... INSPIRATIONS

"The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told ..."

                                                                      Khalil Gibran

ANGEL of brides

Our dreams materialized in little flying angels, bookmarks, guest books where you can write the most beautiful thoughts, are at ease in the midst of the flowers of a somewhat vintage, somewhat industrial window.

A delicious cake of fresh daisies and sweet little roses welcomes a circle of dancing angels.

The sage listens to the words of the Wedding hidden in our cards and in the storybooks, a flying placeholder welcomes a very fine linen tablecloth, from above the Angel of the Brides controls, always with... lovely lightness.

An old and beloved wooden box becomes a green universe where two white angels stop, the sweet scent of carnations reaches here... how can you give up to an Angel of Heart?

flying aNGELs

A row of very white Angels hanging by a thread can become a wedding favor for guests, a gift for a friend, a message of joy or hope, a romantic note on a gift package intended for a lover.

A linen napkin, simply folded, welcomes a delicate thought for every welcome guest who will be able to keep his candid guardian with him.

On a delightfully country, or more traditional, Tableau de Mariage, the angels and decorated cards mark the table number, welcome and guide guests and... bring good luck.

Greeting cards

Finally, the main protagonist, the Angel of Brides, who cannot miss in a showcase full of flowers: it is a hymn to LOVE.

Very white or shaded in natural and pastel shades, dressed simply or enriched with laces and well-kept details, each Angel reflects the bride of which it is a witness and guardian on his most special day.

We are here for every bride and every groom, to personalize our creations, from the Angel to the place cards, from the invitations to the favors, and to make every detail exclusive and magical.

Lightness, grace and poetry... romantic and refined inspirations to make the most beautiful day of every woman even more special.

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Floral compositions, Set-up and Location: Michela Bratta of Complemento Oggetto - Fagagna (UD)

Photo: Benedetta Folena - San Daniele del Friuli (UD)

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