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"ANGEL of MOMS, of infinite patience, unconditional LOVE and the embraces of the HEART"

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Shape - "CLASSICS" collection

made of poplar wood, laser cut and hand painted


made of lime yellow waxed linen, tubular mesh and pink lace. Yellow satin bow


pink linen shaped handbag with flower bow

Angel size

height 23 cm


cardboard made of ivory-colored recycled paper 16x30 cm

an ANGEL to thank

Sometimes a small gesture is enough to say THANK YOU, but you have to do it often, sometimes an ANGEL can say everything behind that THANK YOU.

The ANGELS are here for this, to make LIGHT.

We make them by hand, one by one, with patience and passion here in FRIULI.

ANGEL in poplar wood painted and dressed by hand, lime yellow waxed linen dress, tubular sweater and pink lace. Yellow satin bow; pink linen shaped handbag with flower bow.

  • Give it to new, old or future MOMS
  • It's like saying THANK YOU
  • It's pure poetry
  • It can be framed (look at our frames at shell) or not
  • It's as light as a smile
  • You can get attached to it

It has a delicious and fragrant packaging

Delivery times:  our hands are fast and the couriers too.

MOMS are the most precious gift

LOVE, PATIENCE, CARE, words that only partially indicate the baggage of commitments with which MOMS travel every day

to be reciprocated with lightness and poetry

A special ANGEL dedicated to them to thank them

with the warmth of a hug

He takes them by the hand and accompanies them in a thousand laps of their long and precious days

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