Luisa, Pino and the ANGEL of Poetry

It's not uncommon, in our profession, to meet special people with whom we happen to walk a path that is not only work, but above all emotional, one of sharing and friendship. Creating a personalized angel involves empathy and affinity that lead to valuable and unexpected results.

We want to tell you the stories of these encounters, of these little alchemies that still continue to amaze us and, after so many years, to charge us with energy and positivity.

The story of a refined friendship

This is the story of Luisa and Pino, of a refined friendship, with prestigious actors and refined details.

When Luisa contacted us, we had already created, for her and her dear friend (and "Partner in Crime", as she likes to call her) Grazia, the Angel of the Theater, scenographic and solemn (see photo)

with details recalling the great Shakespeare, as this multifaceted lady is also President of the Licini Academy, a cultural reality from Erba which she entirely dedicated to Shakespearean productions.

Luisa's new request

A spark was therefore already taken when we read his new request:

"... I ask you for a small-big miracle, that is to create an ad hoc Angel for a dear friend - theatrical actor, voice actor of extraordinary flexibility and skill, excellent translator-writer of Shakespeare and John Donne..."

The premise was really the inviting challenge that we hardly never know (or want?) to resist.

Luisa described Pino, on the threshold of his 80 springs, as a man endowed with unique qualities and great passions.

"He is a solitary man, shy, selective to the extreme, but capable of deep affections and wonderful childish outbursts. He has a garden full of roses, fleshy and stunning, of which he is very proud. He adored his German Shepherd, Link, who recently passed away ”.

The correspondence with Luisa intensified as the Angel for Pino took shape...

The enthusiasm of this woman infected us, together with the discovery of the identity of Pino and the friends that Luisa wanted to be remembered with a symbol within the composition.

Guessing the thoughts of people who want to see such intimate and private things done is for us a delicate, complex but also rewarding operation and the joy of feedback is always priceless:

“Oh yeah!!!! Yes, that's him. Very beautifull. Very sweet."

Luisa's joy was our joy:

“Only you could find a simple and moving thread that united all the pieces of this fresco-mosaic of life. I got excited, and also moved. How would you not. At my age, but with the heart and amazement of a teenager, you don't expect Gifts like this anymore, but luckily you still know how to catch the spark, feed it with zephyrs and trade winds and then wait for that extraordinary burst of energy called ENCOUNTER ".

The words of the friend

Receiving the ANGEL of poetry prompted Luisa's friend to write us these refined words:

"From what sources does that strange being who is another me draws his material; and how does he manage to make such an impression on me and arouse in me emotions that I did not consider myself capable of? Beyond the world in which we live, there exists, in a distant background, yet another world, and both are in the same relationship, in which the stage of the theater and that of reality are. The Angel appears light through a very thin veil, it is ethereal, but with a more intense aesthetic character than ours and of a different value from the values of things. It does not belong to this world, but it knows its troubles, its sufferings and pushes them away, makes them forget."

When one of our angels takes off, he brings with him this energy, this vital force that is mediated by experience and creativity, molded and created with our hands, but which is born precisely from the MEETING of similar souls.

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