Glass poems

"it is fragile because the glass is traced by glances

would gladly return to the sand

it feels less secure under our eyes

that under our footsteps "

(Yusuf Kadel)

FEMINES bottles

Fragile but extremely ductile, this thread of silica sand to which sodium and potassium oxides are added to influence its fluidity and others (calcium, barium, magnesium and zinc) to stabilize its mechanical properties, transforms after baptism with fire, in an infinite series of useful objects that are constantly present in our life.

Its spread is global thanks to the lowering of costs produced by the mechanization of production processes. Much less widespread but extremely more interesting is handcrafted glass.

Its transformation process, complex and articulated, involves mixing the components, melting in the kiln, refining and actual processing with the most original techniques invented by master glassmakers.

Spiral cup

The "glass in lume" for example, is an ancient art that has today reached an extraordinary and universally recognized technical-executive excellence and has produced, starting from the nineteenth century, when it had its maximum splendor, a whole variety of objects which could not be obtained with other traditional blowing techniques.

It starts with the use of semi-finished products, glass rods of various diameters, which are heated over a gas flame, worked with pliers and rods, blown for more complex processes and then stabilized in the oven to obtain gloss and strength. Said this way it might seem a simple or mechanical path, in reality it is an adventurous, complex, fascinating process with surprising results.

The meeting with Pietro Viero of Myver was a kind of journey with the time machine, a leap into the past with a landing in the technology of the present. His profound knowledge of the technique, of the secrets of the material used, together with the research and that pinch of madness that unites all creative enthusiasts, have given shape and substance to an unusual vision of an object of common use, transforming it into pure poetry.

Goblet LEAF

3 goblets


Design and project: L'OCA BIANCA ED ALTRE STORIE® S.a.s. - San Daniele del Friuli (UD)

Construction: Pietro Viero - Myver - Molvena (VI)

Photo: Benedetta Folena - San Daniele del Friuli (UD) -

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