Palette 9, PAPER: the PRESENT

We have entrusted to the birds, winged messengers of nature, the task of representing this suspended PRESENT, a little tangible and a little incomprehensible.

To them, capable of landing on the ground, but also of taking flight and going far away, where, physically, we humans still cannot go, we asked them to help us imagine the places, the skies, the spaces for which we miss.

On them, endowed with those WINGS that we love so much, we place our imagination and our fantasy.

The figures are only half drawn (the half that counts: the head and the wings!), and for the rest sketched, to allude to the uncertainty of this moment still to be understood, discovered and defined, but also to leave, to each of you, the completion and the research for a personal interpretation.

The RED THREAD indicates the LOVE and TENDERNESS that we must reserve for ourselves and for others to live better in the PRESENT, to be HERE, but also hope to go ELSEWHERE.

The collection consists of 3 cards and 2 storybooks, the attention to detail is immediate on the outside and will surprise you on the inside.

They are small and delicate paper "objects" to keep for themselves, but above all to give as gifts when, together with a beautiful thing, we want to give a message of hope, gratitude and optimism.

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