The Serenissima

The word "Serenissima" has a particular magic that "tele-transports" us immediately back in the centuries when Venice, the Dominant, the Queen of the Adriatic, was at the height of its power.

Capital of the Republic of Venice, the Serenissima in the thirteenth century had conquered a large part of the coasts of the Adriatic, Dalmatia, Istria, many Aegean islands, Crete, Cyprus, Corfu. It was the most important military power and one of the most important merchant forces in the Middle East. Its strength remained undisputed until the end of the fifteenth century, then adverse historical events and the shift of trade routes to the Americas forced it to turn its economic interests towards the hinterland where extremely specialized production and artisan realities were concentrated.

To the working of Murano glass, to the lace of Burano, to the arts of the perfumers located in the city, a selection of artisan sectors of the highest quality were added which, also thanks to the privileges granted by the Senate of the Republic, contributed to making it even more famous and dominant the "Great Venice".

The splendor of the Great Venice

"The Splendor of Great Venice" was the title of an exhibition of artistic and creative crafts from the Triveneto that was held in the splendid setting of the Church of San Francesco in Udine, jointly promoted by Confartigianato-Imprese Udine and ViART - Confartigianato Vicenza.

Each selected craftsman, 50 in total between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, had to create an object or a project inspired by the Serenissima, interpreting the theme according to his point of view without iconographic limits. Our choice, as a selected laboratory, had gone to silk as a material and for the technique, thanks to one of our wonderful collaborations with our Trieste friends Leonardo Turolo and Marina Scrimali, we were inspired by Ebru painting.

Of very ancient origins (the first datable fragment is from 1118 - Japan - "Suminagashi" technique), through India and Persia and on the Silk Road, this special "painting on water" arrives in Turkey where it substantially evolves, thanks to skills of master craftsmen and artists. It is mainly used on paper and since the 16th century it has spread throughout the Western world through exchanges with the Serenissima. The more elaborate color swatches and the most imaginative designs were also made on silk. The most beautiful were the object of a "diplomatic" gift from the wealthiest Turkish merchants and the nobles or high-ranking officials of the Serenissima.

The double-face shawls we had made together with Leonardo and Marina were called “Laguna e maree”. The graphics and colors recall the "Aqua de dozana" - the falling tide, or the "morto de aqua" - the quarter moon tide, slow slow, or even the "sessa" - the tidal wave that the Adriatic descends rapidly from the North to Otranto where it bounces and returns to Venice. The colors and moods of the lagoon, deceptive and iridescent, ancient and very new, never taken for granted like the passage of the tides, always different, have remained on the silk like the memories that Venice leaves in all of us. Queen and bourgeois, romantic and elusive, fascinating and decadent, but always unique: “the Serenissima”, or her memory, still stands above everything and everyone, she has never had or will have equal.

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